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HD Coxail Camera and DVR Setup

1.After the 4 in 1 camera mounting, why the image is black and white?

The following reasons of Black and white image:

1. Mode: the default day and night mode set into black and white mode, only need to enter the menu day and night switch interface to modify the mode to color mode can be resolved.

2. Format: As standard DVR and camera inconsistent. Can be modified DVR or camera for N / P system. Consistent with the standard system can be resolved.

3. Output signal: DVR and the camera's output signal is inconsistent. Assuming that the DVR channel is AHD and the camera is TVI, then there will be such a problem. You can adjust the DVR or the camera's output signal, consistent to be resolved.

4. Coaxial line: coaxial line distance is too long will lead to black and white image. In general, should not exceed 200 meters.

2.How to download APP for iViewtec 5 in 1 DVR

Restart landing DVR, the first screen will display three QR code, two of which are APP QR code, one of which is the device ID QR code. Open the phone scanning tool,IOS system phone scanning IOS QR code, Android phone scan Android QR code, confirm the download in the jump interface after scanning.

ID number display route: main menu - system - Network - Net Service - pull the scroll bar to the bottom - double click Enable: ******** - Device ID

3.How to add 4 in 1 DVR in APP?

Login APP - click Device Manager - click on the "+" in the lower right corner - click "+" again - you can choose to enter the ID number manually, or click the scanned icon to scan the DVR ID ID - enter the user name and password;

ID number display route: main menu - APP - P2P - Device ID;

4.How to download APP for 4 in 1 DVR

Restart landing DVR, the first screen will display three QR code, two of which are APP QR code, one of which is the device ID QR code. Open the phone scanning tool,IOS system phone scanning IOS QR code, Android phone scan Android QR code, after scanning in the jump to confirm the interface can be downloaded. to switch the 4 in 1 camera mode?

factory packaging box of 4 in 1 camera has a manual switching mode. There is also a label at the end of the camera, which can be switched according to the prompts on the mark. 

6.What's iViewtec 4 in 1 DVR Client and APP ?

iViewtec 4 in 1 DVR computer client: VMS; APP: goodeye

7.What's iViewtec 5 in 1 DVR Client and APP ?

iViewtec 5 in 1 DVR computer client: CMS; APP: goodeye

8.What is Digital Video Recorder?

A digital video recorder (DVR), is an electronic device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device.

9.How to unlock if you forget password of the old version DVR?

1. Please provide the full model of the DVR to salesman.

2. Use the super password tool to restore DVR, Please contact salesman to get the software tool and use Manual, 

3. The default password blank, you need enter super password: admin, you can modify the user name and password after login the system.

4. if the time is normal, it is useless after using the super password, please provide hd picture to salesman, get the firmware to automatic update DVR. 

10.What is the way to modify the iViewtec 4 in 1 hybrid cctv camera mode?

Modify the 4 in 1 hybrid camera mode need to access DVR, when the DVR display images, You can toggle the menu key on the camera tail to change the mode. The menu corresponds to the switch mode, depending on the instructions.

IP Camera and NVR Setup

1.How to back up NVR video files?

Insert the u disk - main menu - Backup - select the detection u disk Detect - select the file format: AVI / MP4 / DAV - select the channel you want to backup channel - select the start time - select the end time - select Add - click to add File - start backup stare - remove the u disk after the backup progress bar ends.

2.How to modify the channel name of NVR?

modify the NVR channel name steps:

Main Menu - CHANNEL - Basic - Select the channel to be modified in the Channel option - enter the desired channel name in the Channel name box - also tick the Syne to The Front box. The channel name will be synchronized to the corresponding image On the title --- click APP, save and exit.

3.What's iViewtec IP Camera Installation Tips?

1.IP Camera installed in the outdoors, should follow the direction of the light source to monitor the target, the lens to avoid direct sunlight.

2.Cable transmission distance limit of 100 meters, more than 100 meters IP Camera will be dropped or even not connected.

3.When installing IP Camera, should pay attention to the installation angle, not toward the sky, the best angle is tilted 45 °

4.When installing IP Camera, the tail should pay attention to waterproof, can not be exposed to the air in the air port. Application waterproof ring fixed.

4.What is the difference between a POE-NVR power supply and an ordinary NVR power supply, why is it not common?

POE-NVR power supply is 48V / 1.8A; ordinary NVR power supply is 12V / 2A.

POE-NVR power supply can not be used in ordinary NVR power supply, because the voltage is inconsistent, with an ordinary NVR will immediately burn. General NVR power supply used in the POE-NVR power supply is insufficient, NVR can not work properly.

5.What is Web Access to NVR or IPC?

When acquiring the NVR or IP Camera IP address, you can enter the IP address above IE browser to access NVR or IP Camera.

6.Which products support Web access in iViewtec?

iViewtec all series products support Web access.

8.Web access requires attention to details?

1.It is recommended to use IE browser, support IE browser, support for the following version of Google browser, support 52 version of the following Firefox browser.

2.Web access NVR / IPC, you need to download the page prompts plug-in, and allows the plug-in to run, the installation is successful after the need to refresh the current page in order to obtain the video stream.

3.If you can not be prompted to install the plug-in after opening the browser, or plug-in installed after or not function properly, please exit the computer antivirus software, and then operate it again.

9.What is Network Video Recorder?

A network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device.

10.When should to optimize the client?

1. Don’t connect WAN device ,log client and improve system function

2. Reasonable use video window to play recording for better watch function.

3. Don’t watch same video for better using network bandwidth.

4. CPU average occupancy is low than 75% if client run.

11.What is the hard disk recommendation to be used in the NVR?

A Seagate hard disk SV 35 can be used in case you need to add or change the hard disk in the NVR.

12.How to use alarm linkage?

Enter client configuration administration - alarm linkage menu, appoint alarm device, appoint alarm type, alarm time, alarm voice (AVI format file), alarm properties and so on.

13.How to get device serial number?

1.Search camera function and will show device serial number; 2. Enter system set- get serial number.

14.How to establish recording strategy?

Enter configuration administration- recording set –custom strategy name – appoint recording store days, store strategy, recording store contents, open audio, choose recording video stream, recording file and other functions.

15.How to do if forget IP Camera password?

Recovery factory settings firstly, default login name is admin and password is blank.set new account and password again.

16.How to solve the enhanced version of the WiFi NVR Kits was stuck in the boot interface?

1.Unplug the network cable and remove hard disk. If you can enter the system, so the reason is the power supply aging. So please replace the power supply.

2.If the problem can not be solved with the above ways. Please provide full product model to salesman, get repair Firmware to solve it.

3.If the problem can not be solved with repair firmware, please contact salesman to get more technical support.

Repair method: Connect the WIFI-NVR to the LAN, use the computer search tool to search for IP address, choose IP address, Browse to import upgrade firmware, confirm upgrade, NVR boot will be normal after upgrade. 

17.When the monitoring camera at the door, why would dim indoor and outdoor very bright?

In environments where backlight monitoring is required, a camera with WDR (wide dynamic) function is required. Open the WDR function, light suppression, backlight compensation. So as to effectively solve such problems. For specific models, please contact the relevant salesman to get.

18.After using the camera for some time, why does the image will become blurred?

The above problems, there are several reasons:

1.Lens out of focus. After the front cover removed, still image blur, it is determined that the lens out of focus lead. Re-focus can solve the problem.

2.The front cover is dirty. Check whether the front camera covered with stains, use rubbing alcohol to wipe the front cover to solve the problem.

3.The front cover is foggy. Remove the front cover of the camera to see if there is water mist inside the front cover. If so, it means that the desiccant in the camera is saturated, you need to replace the desiccant, and wipe the front cover can be clean.

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