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Staff management is to look at the human resource issue in the view of individual staff. So the principle for iViewtec’s business activity requires all staff must maintain high standard ethical conduct for occupation and not use the company resource for person interest. All staff need to bear in mind Quality declaration, quality manual and related liability. iViewtec give full play to modern enterprise citizen value, strictly abide by the enterprise citizen morality, faithfully follow the laws of the country where the company is.

Staff Development:

iViewtec creates a good growth environment for staff, helps employees to develop their potential capacity. It is a platform for people to achieve self-breakthrough here.

Staff Training

1. iViewtec will offer wild training courses for new employees, including company culture trainings, job responsibilities, sales trainings, product knowledge and other related courses.
2. To help the new employees suit the company culture as soon as possible, iViewtec arrange different training courses according to the job responsibility and job specification lasting for one month to three month.
3. In addition to providing various kinds of training courses, we have setting the Ability and Qualification Identification. The employees will be evaluated by skillings and ability testing.

Staff development

iViewtec offers three–channel promotion system. According to position requirement, The one with management capacity will be promoted to Manager. The one, who strive for technical problems, will be trained and promoted to professional technician. The one with good sale skills and sales achievement will be promoted to Area manager. So Sanan provides a broad space for staff developments.

Staff Corner

Staff is an important part of enterprise development, so the importance of employee’s physical and mental health is critical. IviewTec pays much attention to staffs’ spare time life.

To enrich the spare time life, improve the life quality, iViewtec offers various kinds of Entertainment, like birthday party once a month, regular picnics, dinner, sports competitions, Song contest. What’s more, iViewtec encourages employees to return society, by donating money and goods to poor areas, Red Cross and other organizations.

Talent Strategy:

1. iViewtec is always adhering to the “striver-oriented” concept, based on the struggles and contributes of colleagues and offers proper performance for complete health security systems and talent strategies. iViewtec offers good platform for staff to develop. For the candidate, all employees show our companies value, IviewTec solve the problem of employees as company’s issues, then employees have their full energy to work for company. 

2. iViewtec is always trying its best to provide a comfortable office environment for employees. The executive department will regularly do surveys to the environment of staff, such as organizing a series of monitor system to environment and Consumer satisfaction research. In this case, all staff can work better in confortable environment.

3. iViewtec follows local law regularations in minimum salary, and updates our extremely competitive salary system, that is to hep enterprises to compete sucessfully in the market. iViewtec Finance department will periodically survey on wages, according to the survey results and performance, then to adjust staff salaries, that is to ensure staff to get what they pay to..

4. iViewtec builds up social security and welfare system to all staff. This system is higher than local policy requirements, meanwhile, the system includes enforcement social insurance and extra welfare, etc to solve staff all worries.

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