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Job Title:  Overseas Sales  
Workplace:  Shenzhen
Wages:  Negotiable Release Date:  2017-3-15
Responsible for security (CCTV surveillance) products of overseas sales / marketing / customer service;
1. Knowledge / Skills: 
(1) age over 21 years, College degree or above.
(2) Availability of skilled foreign language interpretation and translation capability, conduct business negotiations with foreign investors.
(3) Reached more than four levels of English, fluent listening, speaking, reading and writing  ; or other language-related grade level.
(4) have good communication skills, sense of service and collaboration capabilities.
(5) have a good insight into the market. 
(6) Security (CCTV monitoring) and other related products overseas sales experience is preferred to employ.

2. Quality Requirements: 
(1) dedication, perseverance., Loyalty, strong sense of responsibility, to accept the challenge, with high professional ethics.
(2) Strong communication skills and problem-solving ability.
(3) have team awareness and team spirit, able to work under pressure.


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