Product quality

As we all known, the quality is the lifeblood of a enterprise. We can share broader market by promoting  first-class products. Quality embodies an attitude of business. As long as the enterprises are dedicated to do it well, they are boud to do it well.

It is true that before every formal enterprise is set up, they usually take it as the target to provide high quality products to their customers. However, high quality products usually mean high cost or may mean Product launch delayed. When enterprises are in high speed expansion, in the face of numerous attractive market opportunity, and pressure, Market momentum and market desire usually unconsciously tend to take the risk of sacrificing the quality.

Quality reply on the quality assurance system. As long as we have advanced quality assurance system, the high quality products can then be guranteened. In fact the system itself cannot ensure the quality, it is the system and the advanced and scientific development, test ,production method and equipment that ensure the high quality products. But the advanced and scientific development, test ,production method and equipment can be only achieved by intelligent personnel and high input. Low quality products only bring havocs on our company and it is possible to spread the negative information almost all over the world in one day with the help of internet.

While iViewtec assure that if there’s something wrong with the products quality, the high serivece cost and long service cycle will affect the normal function of the company even , bankrupt the company. So in order to enter the high end market and broaden our products into the world market, the high quality is the targert we set for our selves. what’s more, iViewtec had investing a lot of fund establishing products testing center, conducting extensive in-depth cooperation with leading international research institute and equipment manufacturer in order to provide safer and reliable products for the clients and further improve the product quality .

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