Green Initiative

With worsening of natural environment and climate changing aggravating, the Global Sustainable Development is facing a huge challenge. Each year security industry consumes large amounts of energy with a growing trend, now it becomes a must for energy conservation and emission reduction.

iViewtec will take “Green Initiative" as one of basic develop strategy , with communicating to our customers upon strategy of energy conservation, working closely with industrial chain upstream and downstream firms, building green energy saleswork, to walk in front and promote industry sustainable development. We will always practice "green security, green IviewTec, green world" as strategic policy. Also we carry out "green products" plan, which covers development, purchase, producement and customer service, etc. It is under three institutions’ supervision to ensure full support from the whole company: The first member is the top management judge team, which decides the main direction; The second team consists of some project managers, in charge of business process, research and develop, purchasing, produce and recyle; The third team takes charge of its concrete implementation.

Meanwhile energy conservation is the important content of sustainable development, which relating to our next generation can enjoy enough natural resource or not. Now IviewTec has made great effort to help customers reduce product equipment cost to save energy, especially in developping countries.

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