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Observe Export Control Laws and Regulations

The basic policy of Hongkong Iview Technology Limited is to implement the related international export laws and regulations strictly. We will fulfill the obligations and resposibilities of exportting, establish the enterprise credit management and responsible international image, in order to win partners and customers' trust. We perceive that carray out the relevant international export control regulations consciously, which can make the enterprise avoid and reduce trade task effectively, and can make competitive improvement constantly in the international market, and provide the effective safeguard and the solid foundation of security for long term development.

Considering the understanding of above regulations, we promise: abide by related export control laws and regulations that Chinese government isses, including the international. Support Chinese govenment's intertional commitment, including Chinese government for the execution of the United Nations security council resolution and assume the international obligations; Meanwhile, as an international company, we set up our own export management system, establish the export examination standard process, save the realted document information, strengthen the publicity of the company, and carry out internal audit in the export control departments, responsibility. In export control field, iViewtec will take response of attitude and action, consider related globalization demands and carry out the responsibility seriously.

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