Management System

iViewtec combine criterion enterprise management system integration, enterprise management system requires a steady and dynamic unified, long static Cong is to adapt the norms of different specifications, frequently changing specifications is not necessarily a good standard should be based on the needs of enterprise development achieved relative stability and dynamic changes. In the enterprise development process, our management system should have the appropriate cycle and dynamic period of stability, this stability is affected by time period and the dynamic nature of the industry, industry characteristics, the quality of corporate officers, business environment, the entrepreneur's personal factors related factors influence. Sanan changes based on these factors, control and regulate the stability of the enterprise management system and dynamic.

Our business management system should do the following four requirements:

1, to management for efficiency is a modern enterprise economic growth:
Many companies are facing from the experience of management, emotional management to system management change, which requires taking a big risk, need to be very painful, radical change, but once on board the third step - system management, companies may actually achieve sustained development and growth path.

2, the establishment of enterprise operational mechanism is an important part of corporate culture:
Corporate culture is not to say there's mouth, nor is the slogan on the wall is formed, it should actually be integrated into every employee's thinking and behavior, an action, a look that shone through, and is true enterprise culture. Shared values? or employees in support? Do not support? This is the corporate culture. Corporate culture is divided into four levels:

(1) surface culture: visual, logo image: clothing, logo, letterheads, envelopes, etc.;
(2) shallow culture: employees norms words: walk, talk, interaction with others;
(3) middle culture: whether the entire enterprise management system, establish and improve the entire health enterprise management system, the combination of effectiveness and efficiency;
(4) Deep Culture: charm: vision, values, brand, content and other deep things.

3, standardized management is the development of two legs:

Corporate management must have a systematic, various management systems must be linked, like a machine, only the parts and components combine to ensure that the machine speed, efficient operation. In the modern enterprise management, enterprise management has five hardware system must establish: (1) the development of strategic planning; (2) standardized management; (3) human resources management; (4) Marketing Management; (5) capital operation and management . Strategic objectives which the brain is the business management system, standardization of management is the two legs must be down to earth.

4, the standardization of enterprise management needs to establish a sound seven modules, as well as the relationship between the module and the module:

The first module: Development Strategy
Need to plan business development strategy, which is the first thing to do, in other words, companies must identify the target market, in the end to seize the market? To which direction? This is the enterprise must be clear.

The second module: the core processes
Companies identified in the strategic planning, target market locked under the premise of what kind of a running core business processes in order to maximize the share of enterprise target market.

The third module: the organizational structure
Influence corporate behavior, will directly determine the function of the soundness of business operations. Therefore, the organizational structure is not drawn by the individual, but should be based on business needs strategic development plan, the core business processes, market demand-oriented guide to well-designed.

The fourth module: Workflow
Number of specific business workflow processes to go through how much organization modules, each process is determined? In the work process, how to clear Zequan Li? How resources are allocated? Before the modern enterprise management process, emphasis on and greater than department setting.

The fifth module: Job description
Organizational structure in the design of a number of departments? What is the function of each department? The interaction between departments What is the relationship? Sanding the inside of each department (posts, setting a quota, Capacity) is the criterion? Every post on the business value generated by that? And corporate sector but also to the value of each position analyzed.

The sixth module: Performance Management
Performance appraisal is not equal to performance management. Performance management is a system, performance appraisal is just one tool. Advanced performance appraisal method is objective assessment method. Enterprises must first determine the goals, determine responsibility for the work to performance appraisal. Simple ranking, scoring often make employees "test pasted" .

The seventh module: incentives
Incentives should be included in the overall business management of entire process, not just after , but there should be before, during and other incentives.

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