Innovative ideas

iViewtec in-depth study of the scientific concept of development, is to seize the key - Innovation, take reform and innovative ways to break with the scientific development challenges, to accelerate the pace of scientific research. The ideas and innovation is the key to development. To this end, we have to get rid of the planned economy of the shackles of inertia of thinking, foster and adapt the concept of market economy; to break the negative thoughts of keep stalls, foster the no development or slow the development is Backward ideas; to overcome wait, rely minds and foster high standards of creative ideas for implementation; to break the routine, establish the concept of leap-forward development; to break out one-sided understanding of unhealthy relationship, and establish the proper relationship between the effectiveness and good relationship; to eliminate the short-term profit-oriented behavior, to establish a correct view of achievements. innovative ideas and creativity to achieve the goal.

Innovative ideas have to grasp two things:

First, we need to get rid of the beaten path of conservative thinking, foster bold and innovative, dare to try the progressive consciousness. Effectively accelerate the development with concentrated minds, give full play to the initiative and creativity, always rushed, always excel, and always maintain a waits for no man, seizing the day's fighting spirit, in practice, a bold exploration, dare to try , daring predecessors, breaking routine, breakthroughs, and continue to create new performance

Second, we need to get rid of than before, a small forward that is full of outdated concept of class struggle to establish courage, cooperation and win-win development of consciousness. To stand in the broader perspective of the development, stand on a higher level to look into future, form a larger scope to participate in the field of international as well as domestic economic & technological cooperation and competition, truly win-win cooperation.

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